Wed, May, 12th 2021

ER 71947 Requisition Default Lines and Structure Relations

We turned on structure relations in our Finance Enterprise Group (FEG) which is used to limit the accounts available to select other dimensions such as entities and departments. This is similar to GL20 in Lawson S3. In Lawson S3, when this was on, only the available valid accounts would display in selection menus such as the default distribution information when creating a requisition. However, in Infor FSM's RSS and  Read more...Requisition creation screen, this is not true. All accounts are being returned. This allows a requester to choose an invalid account, add many lines to the requisition thinking that all are correct, and then all are missing the distribution information.

ER 71947 exists to remedy this and return the proper functionality to requisition default line information and honor the structure relations. Please up-vote this ER.
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