What Can you Learn About CloudSuite Today? 

RPI is proud to announce our next iteration of Tech Talks with our “CloudSuite Series”, which will be 15 progressive sessions on each Friday for the next several months. Continuing our series this week, is:

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CloudSuite 101: CloudSuite Migrations

This is your starting point to the transformative potential of CloudSuite, so let RPI help you get off to a good start with the “secret sauce.”  A successful migration to the Cloud requires a blend of functional and IT teams plus leadership, so in this presentation, we will cover what you need to know for a successful migration while at the same time keeping your wits: the plan, team, conversions, development, reporting, testing, training, interdependencies and more.

CloudSuite 102: v11 HCM Differences

Get ready to upgrade your knowledge with this session focused on HCM differences between CloudSuite HCM (v11) and the HCM v10 (S3). It includes Ming.le, new navigation functionality, new features and updates by module (HR, Benefits, LP and Payroll). Also, what are the things you need to prepare for from an HCM perspective when implementing CloudSuite HCM.

CloudSuite 103: v11 Financials Differences

With the new Finance and Supply Management product (FSM v11), Infor has delivered a next-generation, data-driven financial management solution. It still has that core Lawson DNA that has made it the right solution, so RPI will take you through the new features, structures and differences between this new product and the former versions. There is a difference and it is not just technology! Also, what are the things you need to prepare for from a Financials perspective when implement CloudSuite FSM.

CloudSuite 104: v11 SCM Differences

Friday, October 2. 12:00 pm EDT

A complement to the Financials sessions, the RPI team will take you through the Infor’s Supply Management side of this product highlighting this new version. They’ll cover the new navigation, new set-up for Supply Chain, plus purchasing, requisitioning, inventory, and warehousing changes. Also, what are the things you need to prepare for from an SCM perspective when implement CloudSuite SCM.

CloudSuite 105: v11 Pre-Planning

Friday, October 9. 12:00 pm EDT

Since CloudSuite v11 is on your horizon there is no better time to do the analysis and educate your team on how to do this right – also get everyone on board for this important journey. Join RPI Partner & Infor Practice Leader, Richard Leigh Stout, and RPI Managing Partner, Keith Wayland, as they discuss a pre-planning framework that will give you the best foundation for a successful go-live on CloudSuite as well as leverage its powerful new capabilities. Unlike previous upgrades, it is not a purely infrastructure effort and so will require engagement from process owners across functional areas in order to succeed. This is a major leap forward in technology and functionality, presenting a significant opportunity to address pain points across all areas, but the migration to v11 also represents a significant investment, so we will discuss developing the right path, right options, and right scope of this transformational project. Join these dynamic Infor thought leaders as they guide you to the next phase of your ERP investment.

CloudSuite 106: Global Ledger Sandbox

Friday, October 16. 12:00 pm EDT

The functionalities included in the CloudSuite FSM Global Ledger are one of the most exciting pieces of the new platform. So why take a chance on poor setup, lack of preparation, or guess at what you are going to get? Let us show you how you can test drive the new Global Ledger with your data in our RPI Sandbox to see for yourself what is available and how you can take a trial run on the CloudSuite Global Ledger. They will walk you through this "Proof of Concept" that will help you make the right decisions early, so you can take full advantage of the migration to Infor's Multi-tenant CloudSuite Financial solution. When you're done, you will be as excited as we are about the opportunity!

CloudSuite 107: CloudSuite for Healthcare

Friday, October 23. 12:00 pm EDT

Healthcare will be very different in the wake of recent events, that is a given. How the industry emerges will determine the future globally and on the local level. A comprehensive strategy, that includes ERP, the Cloud, managing a remote workforce, and addressing staff needs is paramount. Spend time with leading Healthcare experts to discuss the road-map of Infor CloudSuite, what is trending, reducing costs as well as better planning and budgeting, and how to get the most from your system as healthcare adapts, gets creative and innovates again looking towards the future. RPI will be joined by Infor and industry experts.

CloudSuite 108: CloudSuite for Public Sector

Friday, October 30. 12:00 pm EDT

How can Public Sector bodies best serve their constituents in the face of unprecidented challenges? What strategies, technologies and tools will best allow your organization to continue to be the backbone of your communities that you have been to date? How does your organization address staff needs while optimizing public budgets that have come under even more stress? Join leading RPI Public Sector expeters as they discuss how to best leverage Infor CloudSuite, how you can road-map towards the future, as well as how to get the most from your system today.

CloudSuite 109: CloudSuite Analytics

Friday, November 6. 12:00 pm EDT

We know that many people live off of reports day-in and day-out. For technology and functional teams this is often a daily chore with no end in sight. Today with the analytics and tools available with Infor CloudSuite and Birst you can take a break from the minutia and focus on your decisions, not your data. Let RPI’s experts show you the way to forward with Infor’s Analytics available in CloudSuite. There are new pre-built analytic data models and content available, join Aaron Epps, RPI's Strategist for BI/Analytics, as he introduces you to the data model and shows you the reports, dashboards, toolset, and visualizations that you can start using from day one. This a revolutionary leap for Infor CloudSuite BI & Analytical capability!

CloudSuite 110: v11 Tech Differences

Friday, November 13. 12:00 pm EDT

Get ready for the technical migration from Lawson to Infor CloudSuite multi-tenant. With CloudSuite in the AWS Cloud there will be changes to your roles and responsibilities plus new tools you can take advantage of. Let us show you the future and the “day in the life” of you Technology Team with Infor CloudSuite, the shifting roles of your team, how to best organize, and how to prepare for this major undertaking. It still has that core Lawson DNA that has made it the right solution, but now so much more both in functionality and technology. Let us help your system, team, and organization to another level, so learn the differences and get ready for the future of technology – TODAY!

CloudSuite 111: CloudSuite Managed Services

Friday, November 20. 12:00 pm EDT

With changing roles, changing team, changing technology, and Infor CloudSuite understand how you optimize your staff with Managed Services designed specifically for Infor CloudSuite in the AWS Cloud. Meet Ken Foley, Director of Technology & Managed Services for RPI Consultants, and his team to explore the foundations and flexibility of our Managed Services models and how they can keep your Infor CloudSuite system running at peak performance while taking full advantage of the evolving technology and tools.

Future Tech Talks You Can Register for Today:

CloudSuite 112: CloudSuite Panel Discussion

Friday, December 4. 12:00 pm EDT

Listen to the voice of experience with this combined panel of customers and consultants as they discuss lessons learned, key tips, and the honest reality of the migration to the Cloud. You will hear from the functional, technical, and leadership of multiple CloudSuite migrations – then get started on your journey to the Infor Cloud on AWS.

CloudSuite 114: Building the Business Case for CloudSuite

CloudSuite v11 represents a major leap forward in technology and functionality that offers a significant opportunity to address real pain points across all business areas in pretty much any organization. You do all of this without finding a new software vendor. Join Richard Leigh Stout, a Partner & Infor Practice Leader at RPI, and Keith Wayland, Managing Partner at RPI, for this new conversational webinar on how v11's powerful functionality – including flexible GL and HR Organizational structures, single source for all invoices, modern Open Enrollment experience, and more – can help your organization save time and money.

CloudSuite 115: Adventures in Cloud

Lessons learned and adventures in the Cloud as told by seven of RPI’s experts. Joining the conversation with Melissa & Keith will be Amy Newman, Amanda Gibson, Theresa Nelson, Jeremy Stoltzfus, Sherri Nettles, Diana Theriot, and Matthew Slazak. This is certainly something you will enjoy – a little humor and a little seriousness, but lots of lessons learned!

CloudSuite 116: Not Ready for CloudSuite Yet? Here's What You Should Do

You are thinking about the cloud, but it is not this year and not be next year, so what do you do now. How do you support your system, update your system, and keep your system running at peak performance? While staying “on-premises” and with v10 is not the recommended solution for the time being – it is reality for some organization, so you need to plan for your needs – we will share with you what this looks like.