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Wed, June, 14th 2023

East Coast Mega 2023
Hosted by Southeast & MRLUG Infor User Groups
Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort
Lake Buena Vista, FL
June 22 – 23, 2023

**Open To All Infor Customers**

Looking for a break from the last 3 years of Zoom meetings, Teams calls and Webex's?

We are! That is why Southeast & MRLUG Infor User Groups have invested our time in creating a beneficial meeting to support strategic  Read more...Cloudsuite and Lawson conversations with vendors to answer questions, learn how to better plan for upgrades and connect with their peers.

Grab your sunglasses and get ready to join us as we head back to Florida. That’s right, we are back in person at the Disney Springs Resort Area! Registration is $149/person:

Welcome Reception – June 21, 6-8 pm at the resort - Refreshments provided!
First 100 to register will receive a beautilful beach towel as a gift at check-in
Hear Infor updates from Directors of Product Management
Connect with experts onsite who can offer solutions tailored to your industry
Sessions on Financials & Supply Management, HR Talent, Landmark Technology, Reporting, Lawson V10
Attendees can schedule a 1-hour consulting session at the event with Dashboard Gear founder, Rich Bendickson. Email to claim your timeslot
Breakfast, lunch, refreshments and snacks (June 22 & 23)
This event location is walking distance to Disney Springs
Still want more??? You can add on a RPI Bootcamp for June 21, 2023 to make three full days of content, click here for more RPI Bootcamp information------> SEPARATE REGISTRATION HERE

Use this link for the latest agenda: Show less...
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Mon, February, 3rd 2020

Good Morning members! A note to invite you to register for the SouthEast User Group meeting May 21 and 22, 2020. Members of any group are welcome. After the last meeting, users voted to return to the Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando for the 2020 event. The agenda is building built on the WorkOutLoud (WOL) website at this time. All hotel rates are guaranteed thru May 1st. After May 1st, they go to the usual resort rate.

Please let me know if we can assist you in any way.  Read more...Thanks, Beth Highfill Show less...
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Wed, December, 18th 2019

RPI Consultants is looking for a Lead Lawson GHR Consultant
As well as a Sr Lawson Payroll Consultant
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Tue, October, 9th 2018


Forum Question/Topic:


How hard is it to set up P2P with Lawson? What is the timeframe and functional resources required? What were the benefits that you saw from using the P2P system?

Supply Chain Management
Procure to Pay
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HI Joy, AVS does not offer a P2P solution at this time....

Thank you
I wasn't part of the go live back in 1996, but from what I understand, it took about a year. As for benefits: here it was all about automation and auditing. About 97% of all PO Lines are entered via the requisition system: RQC, RQ10 or IC142. Only around 20% have to be reviewed or modified by the buyer before being issued, and about 96% of the POs are issued electronically.

We only have 832s for our main med-surg distributor, so Receiving is still fairly manual here.
In addition to EDI invoicing, we have an email box for AP and ALL invoices route through our imaging system prior to attempting to match in Lawson.

We have 1300 requesters set up in our system and with the automation, they are handled by 15 coordinators (buyers) in a centralized SCM office. The automation allows us to provide more analytical support to our users and provides an audit trail that our annual auditors offsite - they can find everything they need in the reporting. Show less...
Hello Joy. Where you able to implement P2P? If so, what solution did you use?
Wed, May, 16th 2018


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Item Add-Cost

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We are currently trying to roll AOC i.e. freight into the value of inventory. We have had some success doing this by leveraging the Item Add-On Cost on line level of the PO when freight is known. However, the freight is often not known up front. I would like to know if the Zero Cost field can be used in cases like this and has anyone had success using it? Thanks.
Procure to Pay
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Fri, June, 10th 2016

Hello Digital Concourse Community! Don't forget that @BrianRosenberg is your Procure to Pay Thought Leader. This group is here for you to post questions, helpful resources, and collaborate!

#DigitalConcourse #InforLawson Read more... #ProcureToPay #ThoughtLeader #Collaborate Show less...
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Mon, February, 8th 2016

Hello Brian - We are looking forward to your Thought Leadership in this community! Welcome!
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Fri, January, 29th 2016

Welcome to the Procure to Pay Thought Leader Group!

First, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brian Rosenberg, and I have been asked to lead this discussion group as a thought leader. In my role as thought leader I will be sharing articles, my views, and information with the group and helping to encourage and facilitate conversation between group members.

The purpose of this group will be to share information about optimization and automation of Procure to Pay  Read more...processes. That discussion will include use of technologies, including both use of Infor and third party technologies. It will also include discussion about process improvement and best practices as it relates to Procure to Pay. Most important, it is a forum for you to ask questions and obtain input from myself and others to help you with your challenges.

What do I mean when I refer to Procure to Pay? Procure to Pay refers to the entire process of acquiring and paying for goods and services, from the requisition process all the way through invoice payment. It includes processes related to approval, deciding who to buy from, invoice receipt, and payment processing. We will discuss best practices as it related everything from requisition approval to electronic payments, and everything in between.

I need your input to help to make this group a success. Read the articles posted by myself and others and share your thoughts. Do you agree or disagree? Have a better idea? Please share it. Success Story (or failure?), please share. Ask questions, challenge each other, and have fun.

I look forward to our conversations.

Brian G. Rosenberg

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