April's Platinum Partner Showcase - Meet RPI

Digital Concourse Would Like to Welcome Keystone (KLUG) Back to the Community!

RPI Consultants will be the exclusive sponsor of the 2018 KLUG Spring Meeting. The meeting will take place in York, PA on Friday, April 27. RPI will be presenting 8 sessions, including two general sessions to start the day. The first, "v10 Value Adds you can Take Advantage of Today" will give an overview of how you can leverage the full capabilities of your Infor Lawson v10 system and show how you can hit the ground running with tangible projects. The second, "Global Ledger's Impact Throughout FSM11", will give important insight into the new capabilities Infor v11 will bring with its revise GL implementation. RPI will also present on MMIS Best Practices, v11 Open Enrollment/Benefits, Creating Fixed Assets from AC Module, Performance & Goals, APIA, Ming.le 12 features and IPA.

To register for the KLUG meeting select the URL: https://lgug.workoutloud.com/Event/keystone-klug-spring-meeting

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