RPI's Infor Lawson Winter Webinar Series was the week of December 5th, but if you missed it, don't worry! We've recorded all of our webinars and they're available for you to view here. Enjoy our webinars and if you have any questions, please email questions@rpic.com!


Asset Management: Best Practices
Presented by Chris Gordon & Zach Custodio

RPI’s Chris Gordon and Zach Custodio team up to bring you an overview of the value that Asset Management can provide to your organization as well as the best practices that take advantage of its functionality. They'll share best practices for asset addition, including asset templates and sheet additions. They’ll show you how to leverage the Project Accounting (AC) system for capital tracking and asset creation for CIP projects. You’ll get tips and tricks for processing and maintaining assets within AM; and for all those thinking of implementing, they’ll show you some conversion best practices.



Infor FSM v11: an Overview
Presented by Keith Wayland & Richard Stout

The new Infor Finance and Supply Management product represents a transformative opportunity for organizations and RPI Managing Partner Keith Wayland will give you an overview of the direction this re-engineered solution has taken. Join us for this presentation and get a better understanding of the structure of this system and be better prepared for discussions about how it can fit within your organization.



I’m on v10… Now What?
Presented by Richard Leigh Stout & Keith Wayland

Join Richard Leigh Stout and Keith Wayland, RPI Consultants Partners and well-known presenters in the Infor Lawson community, for this upbeat account on the state of the industry, high level road-mapping and “Day Two” initiatives. They will review hot & trending products, tools, and technology that fit into your Infor Lawson enterprise and more. This is a presentation for everyone in the Infor Lawson community, including business, functional, technical, and executives. There will be something for everyone to take away from the presentation to put into action.



Infor FSM v11: Financials Differences
Presented by Chris Gordon & Zach Custodio

With the new Finance and Supply Management product (FSM v11), Infor has delivered a next-generation, data-driven financial management solution. But it still has that core Lawson DNA that has made it the right solution for many of us. Join RPI’s Chris Gordon and Zach Custodio as they take you through some of the new features, structures and differences between this new product and the former versions.


Spreadsheet Designer is the new black: Add-Ins vs. Spreadsheet Designer
Presented by Jackie Dudas & Chris Gordon

Join RPI's Jackie Dudas and Chris Gordon for an overview of the capabilities of these two products.  Starting with a brief overview of Add-ins and sharing a few tips and tricks that you might not know, they will then show you the Landmark reporting equivalent - Spreadsheet Designer.  Spreadsheet Designer will give you direct access to your Landmark data.  Learn the basics of how to leverage this tool in your organization, and some tricks to the most out of your data on the Landmark platform.


Global HR: The RPI Implementation Approach & Methodology
Presented by Melissa Olson, Theresa Nelson, Richard Leigh Stout & Jackie Dudas

Infor’s Global HR will provide the foundation for a workforce that is aligned strategically with your organization’s mission. But how can you ensure that you’ll maximize its powerful features right out of the gate? GHR experts Melissa Olson and Richard Leigh Stout and the rest of the crew will show you the right approach to a GHR implementation and discuss the considerations, implications and things you need to do to make sure your implementation is a success and that you’re leveraging the power of Infor’s GHR solution from day one.



Using IPA to Default Waive Plans for Employees Choosing not to Enroll
Presented by Shannell Cockrell & Jeff House

In this 30 minute webinar, Shannell Cockrell from the Kennedy Krieger Institute and RPI’s Jeff house will show you how they used IPA to help meet ACA requirements by automating the process of identifying and resolving enrollment gaps, eliminating the need to track down and manually resolve expired enrollments.



The 12 Days of Performance Management
Presented by Shannell Cockrell, Janna Hartsock & Matt Slazak

Very special guest star, Shannell Cockrell from the Kennedy Krieger Institute joins RPI’s Janna Hartsock and Matt Slazak to pull back the curtain on real-world Performance Management implementations with strategies and tips and tricks to make them successful. They’ll share functional set-ups, Process Flow customizations, common configuration changes and more.  Join us and learn about specific challenges that arise in Healthcare, Education and other industries and how they’re overcome. For those planning a Performance Management implementation, or those thinking about one, you don’t want to miss this webinar!



Leveraging Infor Talent Acquisition
Presented by: Melissa Olson & Matt Slazak

Join RPI HCM Practice Manager, Melissa Olson and Senior HCM Consultant Matt Slazak show you how your organization can leverage this powerful tool. They’ll discuss the key components of the module, Candidate, Employee, and Recruiter Space. They’ll talk about upcoming features like new mobile capabilities, and On/Pre/Off-boarding functionalities. And they’ll share common configurations and customizations that tailor the solution to your organization’s needs.



IPA for Global HR: Action Requests & Beyond!
Presented by: Jeremy Stoltzfus & Matt Slazak

RPI Technical Consultant Jeremy Stoltzfus and HCM Consultant Matt Slazak will show you how to best leverage the power of IPA to streamline your Action Requests and offer additional ways to enhance your Global HR solution through Reporting, Alerts & Notifications, Custom Actions and Interfaces. Learn how these concepts can be applied to both Global HR and S3 to add more value to your processes regardless of your HR system of record.



IPA v11: New Features and Functionalities
Presented by: Jeremy Stoltzfus & Jeff House

Join Jeremy Stoltzfus and Jeff House as they take you through some of the features of the new version. They’ll cover the new HTML5 interface, new features in Process View, the new Sub Process feature, new nodes like Social, LDAP Query, Landmark Admin, and much more. If you’re on this release or looking to move to it, you’ll want to attend this webinar.



Infor AP Invoice Automation (APIA): An Overview
Presented by Ben Nichols & Brian Ayers

APIA is a workflow solution for approving and processing AP invoices.  As a gateway to the Lawson AP module, APIA allows for efficiently tracking and processing inbound invoices within your Lawson financial system of record.  In this webinar, Ben Nichols and Brian Ayers will cover how to integrate your invoice processing directly with Infor Lawson Financials, how to simplify the invoice approval process, how to get faster access to more complete invoice information, and explore the role-based nature of the system.



Infor FSM v11: Supply Chain Differences
Presented by Brittney Cruz & Michael Carnock

A complement to the Financials differences webinar earlier in the week, Michael Carnock and Brittney Cruz will take you through the Supply Management side of Infor’s new product highlighting what’s changed in this new version. They’ll cover the new navigation, new set-up for Supply Chain, plus purchasing, requisitioning, inventory, and warehousing changes. Join us in order to better understand the structure of this system and get better prepared for discussions about how it can fit within your organization.



MMIS Best Practices: What Supply Chain Elves Need to Know!
Presented by : Beau Hunt & Sarah Concannon

Don’t miss RPI’s MMIS experts Sarah Concannon and Beau Hunt as they share the best practices in set-up and maintenance that keep a busy Supply Chain workshop humming! These seasoned elves will provide insight on how you can leverage tools like MS Add-ins, LBI, Infor Process Automation and more. Learn about helpful applications your department should consider, such as DataLynx, Nuvia, or HealthcareIQ. And fill your stocking with awesome tips and tricks on functionalities you might not be aware of. Join us for a webinar packed with great MMIS goodies!



IPA for SCM: from Red Zone to Touchdown!
Presented by : Stephanie Kowal & Jeremy Stoltzfus

Join RPI’s Jeremy Stoltzfus and Stephanie Kowal for a discussion on leveraging IPA to wow your organization’s Supply Chain department and their customers. Learn how organizations have used IPA to automate the request and creation of RQ04 Requester setup, schedule and distribute report runs to vendors, notify and manage MSCM/Par Cart Exception Errors, and much more!