The AHRMM 2018 Supply Chain Week is here! We at RPI love the opportunity the week provides to shine a light on those folks who play such an important role and touch so many different levels in their organizations. It's also an opportunity for us to call attention to the real Lawson Supply Chain superstars out there and that's why we're hosting another Lawson SCM Elite Challenge. We're encouraging all Supply Management professionals to take this short quiz to test your knowledge of system functionality industry best practices.

Everyone who takes the quiz will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon Echo Show. Pass that seven correct answer mark and you'll earn another entry into that prize drawing. The RPI SCM Elite Challenge is only open during Supply Chain Week which ends this Saturday October 13th so check it out now. My team and I have had a lot of fun putting this challenge together and I hope that you enjoy it as well. It's nice that Supply Chain Week gives us the chance to take a little time and reflect on the vital role that we as Supply Chain professionals play in our organizations and how much we do for our customers and communities. I can't wait to see how everyone does in the challenge!