The following is a clever workaround for receiving a substitute inventory item.


A substitute item is ordered for an “I” Type inventory tracked item.


  • The substitute item is not yet built within item master (IC11).
  • PO must be received in for the invoice matched, inventory SOH needs to reflect receipt of the substitute, and inventory GL booking to be accurate.


  1. Determine the inventory adjustment accounting unit and account from identified inventory item’s IC category (IC04).
  2. Create purchase order (PO20) for substitute item and have PO line distribution to reflect the inventory adjustment accounts from step 1.
  3. Receive PO within Lawson (PO30).
  4. Increase inventory using an inventory adjustment (IC24), making sure that the unit cost is entered correctly based on the substitute item unit cost.
    • The receipt of the purchase order will be off-set by the inventory adjustment.
  5. Match invoice to purchase order using the defaulting accounts.


The item has SOH that can be issued!  The IC24 adjustment account is offset against by coding to the same account on the matched invoice. The invoice is processed and all GL postings tie out.

Jason Kwasnik
Principal and Senior SCM Consultant