Major Changes in Perceptive Content 7.1


Perceptive Content 7.1 introduces a departmental security model where each department exists as if it were its own instance of Perceptive Content (ImageNow).  There are two types of manager roles available in Content 7.1, Perceptive Manager and Department Manager.  The Perceptive Manager role has replaced the owner account from previous versions.

The Perceptive Manager has the follow security control:

  • Create new users
  • Assign Global privileges
  • Create departments
  • Create and modify department labels
  • Promote users to the Department Manager role
  • Create migration profiles
  • Import or export migration packages
  • Assign licenses and setup license groups

The Department Manager role in Content 7.1 is similar to the manager role from earlier versions of ImageNow.  Department Managers have administrative control over their own departments but are unable to access or control permissions for other departments.  Users can be assigned the Department Manager role for multiple departments.

The Department Manager has the following security control:

  • Control Departmental permissions such as
    • Drawers
    • Document types
    • Custom Properties
    • Workflow
    • Application plans
  • Set user and group permissions
  • Add and remove users from groups
  • Share permissions across departments

Perceptive Content 7.1 Security Diagram

Security Diagram


ImageNow 6.6 and earlier versions used projects to group related documents.  Later versions, including Content 7.1, changed from projects to folders.  Folders function the same as projects with the exception of allowing for the use of content modeling.  Folders are a physical grouping of documents which allows for drawer assignment of folders as well as the ability to route the actual folder through workflow.  The content modeling aspect of folders does not have to be utilized; if unutilized, folders will function like projects from a user perspective.

The change from projects to folders also meant a change in the index value naming utilized in earlier versions of ImageNow.

Index values for 6.6 and earlier versions used the following naming convention:

Drawer, Folder, Tab, Field3, Field4, Field5 and Document Type.

6.7 and newer versions of ImageNow use the following naming convention:

Drawer, Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4, Field5 and Document Type.